2010 Accountability Information


Accountability Results: Based on 2009-2010 School Year

District and School-Level Results

Summary of Statewide Accountability Results

Summary of AYP Accountability Results


General Information and Guidance

2010 Statewide Accountability Timeline: (IMPORTANT -- READ THIS!!)


NCLB Title I Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Model

U.S. Department of Education Accountability Workbook: Mississippi: This 59-page document presents the state's plan for meeting the accountability requirements in NCLB 2001 and in the USDE final regulations for Title I. The initial plan was approved by the Mississippi State Board of Education in January, 2003, and approved by the USDE in March, 2003. There were subsequent revisions on October 10, 2003; March 25, 2004; May 28, 2004; May 9, 2005; June 22, 2005; June 27, 2006; February 14, 2007; September 4, 2008 and April 7, 2010.

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