State Board Policy Index   
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Organization Part 2
State Department of Education  Chapter 1
Organization of State Department Rule 1.1
Seal Rule 1.2
Responsibilities Rule 1.3
State Board of Education Chapter 2
Organization of State Board Rule 2.1
Responsibilities of State Board Rule 2.2
Board Policies Part 3
Accountability Chapter 1
Educational Accountability  Rule 1.1
Accountability Subcommittee Rule 1.2
Office of Internal Accountability and Program Evaluation Rule 1.3
Accreditation Chapter 2
Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards Rule 2.1
Conservatorship Rule 2.2
Grading Rule 2.3
First Administration of Statewide Assessments - (Repealed 3/2015) Rule 2.4
Administrative Expense Reduction Chapter 3
Administrative Expense Reduction Rule 3.1
Administrative Procedures Act Chapter 4
Administrative Procedures Act Rule 4.1
Hearing Procedure and Declaratory Opinions Rule 4.2
Declaratory Opinions Rule 4.2.1
Agenda, State Board of Education Chapter 5
Agenda, State Board of Education Rule 5.1
Administrative Process and Performance Review Chapter 6
Administrative Process and Performance Review Rule 6.1
Alternate Education Programs Chapter 7
Guidelines Rule 7.1
GED Standards Rule 7.2
Approvals, Non-public Chapter 8
Approvals, Non-public Rule 8.1
Attendance Reporting Chapter 9
Attendance Report Rule 9.1
Audit, SDE Resolution Process Chapter 10
Audit, SDE Resolution Process Rule 10.1
Awards Chapter 11
Administrator Rule 11.1
Parent Rule 11.2
Teacher Rule 11.3
Board of Education Operations Chapter 12
Agenda, State Board of Education Rule 12.1
Compensation of Travel Rule 12.2
Executive Sessions Rule 12.3
Meetings Rule 12.4
Minutes Rule 12.5
Notifications of Meetings Rule 12.6
Officers' Duties Rule 12.7
Officer Election Rule 12.8
Rules of Order Rule 12.9
Voting Procedures Rule 12.10
Calendar (Repealed 09/2012) Chapter 13
Certification Chapter 14
Administrator Preparation Rule 14.1
Administrator Process and Performance Review (Repealed 04/2011) Rule 14.2
Assistant Teacher Program (Repealed 02/2012) Rule 14.3
Agreement, NASDTEC Rule 14.4
Armed Forces Activation (Repealed 7/2012) Rule 14.5
Commission, Hearings and Appeals Rule 14.6
Rules for Procedure for Disciplinary Hearings by Licensure Commission Rule 14.6.1
Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification, and Licensure and Development Operations Policy Rule 14.6.2
Nursery through First Grade (Repealed 7/2012) Rule 14.7
Postsecondary Licensure (Vocational) (Repealed 7/2012) Rule 14.8
Regulations Rule 14.9
Reporting Infractions Rule 14.10
Appendix A, B, C, D, E Rule 14.10
Skills, K-8 Mathematics (Repealed 7/2012) Rule 14.11
Teacher Process and Performance Review (Repealed 4/2011) Rule 14.12
Review (Repealed 4/2011) Rule 14.13
Licensure Guidelines Tech Prep Discovery Courses (Repealed 7/2012) Rule 14.14
Supplemental Endorsements for ITC and STEM Application Courses (Repealed 7/2012) Rule 14.15
New Endorsement Code 193 for Economics (Repealed 7/2012) Rule 14.16
Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics Rule 14.17
Code of Ethics Standards Rule 14.18
Educator and Principal Evaluation Systems Rule 14.19
Character Education Chapter 15
Character Education Rule 15.1
Charter Schools Chapter 16
Charter Schools Rule 16.1
Child Nutrition Chapter 17 
Administrators Rule 17.1
Competitive Food Rule 17.2
Family Day Care Homes Rule 17.3
Day Care Homes Management Plans Rule 17.4
District Application Rule 17.5
Eligibility Monitoring and Management (Child Care Program) Rule 17.6
Family Day Care Homes Rule 17.7
Purchasing System Rule 17.8
Termination Day Care Sponsors Rule 17.9
Smart Snacks Standards for All Foods and Beverages Sold in MS Schools Rule 17.10
Children First Act of 2009 Chapter 18
Children First Act (CFA) Annual Report  Rule 18.1
Class Size Chapter 19 
Class Size Rule 19.1
College Admission Chapter 20
College Admission Rule 20.1
Communicable Diseases Chapter 21
Communicable Diseases Rule 21.1
Consolidate Applications (Federal Funds) (Repealed 1/2012) Chapter 22
Contracts Chapter 23
Contracts Rule 23.1
Contracts, Teacher Chapter 24
Contract of Employment with Mississippi Public School Districts for Assistant Superintendent, Principal and Licensed Employee Rule 24.1
Contingent Contract of Employment with Mississippi Public District Rule 24.2
Conversion Charter Schools Chapter 25
Conversion Charter Schools Rule 25.1
Cost Reimbursement/Salary Supplements Chapter 26
Cost Reimbursement/Salary Supplements Rule 26.1
Criminal Background Checks Chapter 27
Criminal Records Background Checks on Applicants for Employment Rule27.1
Curriculum Chapter 28
Curriculum Guides Rule 28.1
Approved Courses for the Secondary Schools Rule 28.2
Access to Substantive and Rigorous Curriculum Policy Rule 28.3
Early Learning Guidelines for Four Year Old Children Rule 28.4
Credit Recovery Policy Rule 28.5
Driver Education Chapter 29
Driver Education Rule 29.1
Dropout Prevention Chapter 30
Compulsory School Attendance Rule 30.1
Reporting Unexcused Absences Rule 30.2
Compulsory School Attendance (Repealed 5/2010) Rule 30.3
Truancy Rate Definition, Calculation and Rate Rule 30.4
Dropout Prevention Plan Rule 30.5
Youth Detention Center Educational Provisions Rule 30.6
Home School Guidelines Rule 30.7
Drug Testing, State Department of Education Staff Chapter 31
Drug Testing, State Department of Education Staff Rule 31.1
Education Enhancement Funds Chapter 32
Education Enhancement Funds Rule 32.1
Equity Funding (Repealed 1/2011) Chapter 33
Functional Literacy Exam (Repealed 6/2012) Chapter 34
Functional Literacy Exam - Renamed and Renumbered to Rule 36.3 Rule 34.1
Gifted Chapter 35
Gifted Rule 35.1
Graduation Requirements Chapter 36
Graduation Requirements (Repealed 7/2012) Rule 36.1
Policies for Subject Area Testing Rule 36.2
Policies for Carnegie Unit Credit Rule 36.3
Assessment Required for Graduation Rule 36.4
Additional Assessment Options for Meeting End-of-Course
Subject Area Test Graduation Requirements
Rule 36.5
Grants/Subgrants Chapter 37
Grants/Subgrants Rule 37.1
Healthy and Safe Schools Chapter 38
School Violence Reporting Rule 38.1
Behavior Modifications Rule 38.2
Beverage Regulations Rule 38.3
Snack Regulation Rule 38.4
Minimum Training Standards Rule 38.5
School Resource Officer Basic Course (Repealed 3/2012) Rule 38.6
School Safety Officer Basic Course (Repealed 3/2012) Rule 38.7
School Nurse Procedures and Standards of Care Rule 38.8
Criteria for School Nurse (Registered Nurse) and Licensed Practical Nurse Working in the School Setting Rule 38.9
Recommended Non-Binding Mississippi School Nurse Salary Schedule Rule 38.10
Nutrition Standards Rule 38.11
Physical Education/Comprehensive Health Education Rules and Regulations Rule 38.12
Appendix Rule 38.12.1
Restraint and Seclusion Rule 38.13
Historical Sites (Restoration) Chapter 39
Historical Sites (Restoration) Rule 39.1
McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Dispute Resolution Procedure Chapter 40
McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Dispute Resolution Procedure Rule 40.1
Intervention Chapter 41
Intervention Rule 41.1
Kindergarten Guidelines Chapter 42
Kindergarten Guidelines Rule 42.1
Construction Regulations (Repealed 9/2012) Chapter 43
Leadership and Professional Development Chapter 44
Leadership and Professional Development Rule 44.1
Legislative Recommendations Chapter 45
Legislative Recommendations Rule 45.1
Level 1 and 2 Districts Consolidated Applications (Repealed 1/2012) Chapter 46
Long Term Substitutes (Repealed 4/2007) Chapter 47
MAEP (Mississippi Adequate Education Program) Chapter 48
Section 504 Teacher Units Rule 48.1
Special Education Teacher Approval Rule 48.2
Teacher Selection Rule 48.3
Withholding Funds Rule 48.4
Effective At-Risk Programs Rule 48.5
Selection of Successful School District Rule 48.6
Determination of "inordinately large numbers of absentees" Rule 48.7
Miscellaneous Chapter 49
Partnership with Regional Education Service Agencies Rule 49.1
Mississippi Adequate Education Capital Improvement Section Chapter 50
Mississippi Adequate Education Capital Improvement Section Rule 50.1
Mississippi Recovery School District (Conservatorship) Chapter 51
Mississippi Recovery School District (Conservatorship) Rule 51.1
Consolidation of School Districts Chapter 52
Consolidation of School Districts Rule 52.1
New Start School Program Regulations Chapter 53
New Start School Program Regulations Rule 53.1
Lampton Auditorium, MS Schools for the Arts Chapter 54
Lampton Auditorium, MS School for the Arts Rule 54.1
Technology and Strategic Services Chapter 55
Technology and Strategic Services Rule 55.1
Distance Learning/Online Courses Chapter 56
Distance Learning/Online Courses Rule 56.1
Monthly Attendance Reports Chapter 57
Monthly Attendance Reports Rule 57.1
Non-Public Approval (Repealed 9/2012) Chapter 58
Paperwork Reduction Chapter 59
Paperwork Reduction Rule 59.1
Parent Awards (Repealed 9/2012) Chapter 60
Probation (Conservatorship) (Repealed 09/2012) Chapter 61
Public School Funding Chapter 62
Applications Rule 62.1
Application Evaluation Rule 62.2
Division of $10,000,000 Rule 62.3
Hearing Procedures Rule 62.4
Historical Sites (Repealed 03/2012) Rule 62.5
Kindergarten Classrooms (Repealed 03/2012) Rule 62.6
Regulations Rule 62.7
Roofing Requirements Rule 62.8
Relocatable Classrooms Rule 62.9
Staff Signatures Rule 62.10
Request for Information Chapter 63
Public Records Request Rule 63.1
Qualified Zone Academy Bonds Chapter 64
Qualified Zone Academy Bonds Rule 64.1
Reading Improvement Program  Chapter 65
Reading Improvement Program (Repealed 2/2012) Rule 65.1
Assistance Teacher Program Regulations Rule 65.2
Recruitment Chapter 66
Recruitment Rule 66.1
Remediation Chapter 67
University Assisted Teacher Recruitment and Retention Grant Program Rule 67.1
State (Repealed 5/2010) Rule 67.2
Federal Rule 67.3
Residency Verification Chapter 68
Residency Verification Rule 68.1
Sabbaticals Chapter 69
Sabbaticals Rule 69.1
Mississippi Criteria for Designation of Geographical Shortage Areas Chapter 70
Mississippi Criteria for Designation of Geographical Shortage Areas Rule 70.1
School Business Officials Chapter 71
School Business Officials Rule 71.1
Licensure of School Business Administrator Rule 71.2
Required Monthly Reports to be furnished to Local School Boards Rule 71.3
School Executive Management Institute Chapter 72
School Executive Management Institute Rule 72.1
School Records Chapter 73
School Records Rule 73.1
Special Education Chapter 74
Educable Child Program Rule 74.1
Teacher Unit Approval (Repealed 9/2011) Rule 74.2
Teacher Unit Allocation Rule 74.3
Hearing Procedures, IDEA Rule 74.4
Hearing Officer Fees Rule 74.5
Transportation Management of Students with Disabilities Rule 74.6
State Application Preschool (Repealed 9/2011) Rule 74.7
University Based Programs Rule 74.8
504 Program (Repealed 9/2011) Rule 74.9
Special Grant Selection Criteria Rule 74.10
Exemptions, Maximum Enrollment (Repealed 3/2014) Rule 74.11
Extended School Year Rule 74.12
Medicaid Placements (Repealed 3/2014) Rule 74.13
Pooling State Funds Rule 74.14
Preschool (Repealed 9/2011) Rule 74.15
Referral to Placement Process (Repealed 9/2011) Rule 74.16
Resource Program Numbers (Repealed 9/2011) Rule 74.17
State Plan (Repealed 9/2011) Rule 74.18
Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act Rule 74.19
Testing Students with Disabilities Regulations (Repealed 9/2011) Rule 74.20
Students Chapter 75
Residency Verification Rule 75.1
Teachers Chapter 76
Awards Rule 76.1
Contracts (Repealed 1/21/2011) Rule 76.2
Experience Rule 76.3
Housing Rule 76.4
Moving Expense Rule 76.5
University Assisted Teacher Recruitment and Retention Grant Program Rule 76.6
Selection (under MAEP (4903) Rule 76.7
Teacher Unit Approval under Section 504 (Repealed 9/2011) Rule 76.8
Process and Performance Review (Repealed 4/15/2011) Rule 76.9
West Tallahatchie Rental Housing Rule 76.10
Technology Plan (Monitoring) Chapter 77
Technology Plan (Monitoring) Rule 77.1
Testing  Chapter 78
Assessment of Special Populations Rule 78.1
FLE (Repealed 5/25/2010) Rule 78.2
FLE Test Disclosure (Repealed 5/25/2010) Rule 78.3
Grade 3 and 7 Benchmarks for the MCT (Repealed 5/18/2007) Rule 78.4
Graphing Calculators Required (Repealed 08/2012) Rule 78.5
Norm Referenced (Repealed 5/25/2010) Rule 78.6
Schedule Rule 78.7
Setting Subject-Level Standards for State Assessments Rule 78.8
Qualifying Score on FLE (Repealed 5/25/2010) Rule 78.9
Subject Area Testing Program Appeals Process Rule 78.10
Textbooks Chapter 79
Selection and Adoptions Rule 79.1
Regulations Rule 79.2
Title Programs Chapter 80
Title I Complaint Procedures Rule 80.1
Title I Administrative Limit 20% Rule 80.2
Program Improvement Rule 80.3
Transportation Chapter 81
Bids Rule 81.1
Drivers Rule 81.2
Driver Training/Motor Vehicle Record Check Rule 81.3
Basic Job Description and Responsibilities Rule 81.4
Employment Process Rule 81.5
Appendix A Rule 81.5
Minimum Qualification Rule 81.6
Inspection  of Buses (Emergency Removal) Rule 81.7
Transportation Management of Students with Disabilities Rule 81.8
Inspection of Buses (Repealed 3/2012) Rule 81.9
Leased Buses Rule 81.10
Pupil Transportation Guide Rule 81.11
Repair Shops Rule 81.12
Seat Belts Rule 81.13
Use of Buses/Special Events Rule 81.14
Violence Chapter 82
Violence Rule 82.1
School Violence (Repealed 3/2012) Rule 82.2
Vocational Achievement (Career and Technical Education) Chapter 83
Equity Requirements (Repealed 10/2011) Rule 83.1
Career and Technical Education Ongoing Program Parameters Rule 83.2
Mississippi Practical Nursing Program Rule 83.3
Program Definitions for Career and Technical Education Rule 83.4
Vocational General Administration (Career and Technical Education) Chapter 84
Appeals Procedures for Career Technical Planning Rule 84.1
Articulation of Career and Technical Education Programs Rule 84.2
Assurance of Equal Access to Career and Technical Education Programs Rule 84.3
Closures of Non-State Plan Programs Rule 84.4
Closures of Career and Technical Ongoing Programs Rule 84.5
Post-Secondary Career and Technical Education Course Designations Rule 84.6
Designation of Agents for the Delivery of Career and Technical Education Services Rule 84.7
Evaluation and Improvement of Career and Technical Education Program Rule 84.8
Career and Technical Education Live Work Projects Rule 84.9
Local Advisory Councils and Crafts Committees Rule 84.10
Local Plan for Career and Technical Education Rule 84.11
New Program Approval for Career and Technical Ongoing Programs Rule 84.12
Non-State Plan Programs for Career and Technical Education Rule 84.13
Career Programs Standards Rule 84.14
Public Hearings - Career and Technical Education Rule 84.15
State Plan for Career and Technical Education Rule 84.16
Statistical Data Rule 84.17
Vocational Annual Operating Budget (Career and Technical Education) Chapter 85
Allocation of Career and Technical Education Non-State Plan Funds Rule 85.1
Allocation of Career and Technical Education  Rule 85.2
Hearings on Plans Rule 85.3
Maximum Reimbursement Salary Schedule Rule 85.4
Other State Funds for Career and Technical Education Support Rule 85.5
Reimbursement of Local Personnel Career Technical Education Salaries Rule 85.6
Career and Technical Education Funding Sources Rule 85.7
Vocational Assignment (Career and Technical Education) Chapter 86 
Local Career Counselor Rule 86.1
Local Career and Technical Education CTE Administrator Rule 86.2
Assignment Schedule of Local CTE Personnel Rule 86.3
Work Based Learning Coordinator (Repealed 10/2011) Rule 86.4
Certification of Basic Skills Training and/or Retraining for Tax Credit Chapter 87
Certification of Basic Skills Training and/or Retraining for Tax Credit Rule 87.1
Postsecondary Licensure Guidelines Chapter 88
Postsecondary Licensure Guidelines Rule 88.1
Development of Curriculum Materials and Research Activities Chapter 89
Development of Curriculum Materials and Research Activities Rule 89.1
Career and Technical Education Curriculum Guides Rule 89.2
Approved Courses for the Secondary Rule 89.3
Development of Curriculum Materials and Research Activities (Repealed 10/2011) Rule 89.4
Vocational Equipment (Career and Technical Education) Chapter 90
Acquisition and Accountability of CTE Instructional Equipment Rule 90.1
Equipment Sales Rule 90.2
Vocational Facilities (Career and Technical Education) Chapter 91
Construction or Remodeling of Career Technical Centers Rule 91.1
Use, Transfer of Title & Disposition of Local and Physical Facilities Rule 91.2
Career and Technical Education (CTE) Licensure Chapter 92
Career and Technical Education (CTE) Licensure Rule 92.1
Career-Technical Education Professional Development Chapter 93
Career-Technical Education Professional Development Rule 93.1
Vocational Revenues (Career and Technical Education) Chapter 94
Local Reimbursable Expense Items Rule 94.1
Local Reimbursable Expense Items - Construction Rule 94.2
Local Reimbursable Expense Items - Travel Rule 94.3
Maintenance of Local Effort Rule 94.4
CTE Revenues Rule 94.5
CTE Collaborative Efforts Chapter 95
CTE Collaborative Efforts Rule 95.1
Career and Technical Education Student Organizations Chapter 96
Career and Technical Education Student Organizations Rule 96.1
Weapons Chapter 97
Weapons Rule 97.1
Withholding Mississippi Adequate Education Program Funds (Repealed 1/2011) Chapter 98
State Schools Chapter 99
Title IX Grievance Policy Rule 99.1